May I Help You?

May I Help You?


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Acceptance is an active process. Suppose You have a big mole on your face and you're ashamed of it, embarrassed when people talk about it. If you accept it "Ok I have a mole, so what!! I can't do anything about it. I have to continue my life". These attitude changes you.

Accepting of the situation we can't control, make us Bold, Unoccupied, keep us Calm and Anxiety free.
Accepting of the situation we can control, by making a conscious effort to change. focusing only on solutions, make us more calmer and solutions oriented person. 

Suppose your sister talk harsly to you every time. You feel bad about it. But if you accept it "Ok, she's young, she not mature enough. I have to make her understand, make her change her attitude." Then you become more acceptable, more calmer,  and the next tym "she's with her harsh attitude" then it doesn't effect you, because you've already accepted it, and is willing to change her. Even if she doesn't change. Then you should not be effected because you have to accept "the she can't be changed". 

Leave the situation as it is. Don't overthink. Over thinking will drown your energy, will harm you.

Acceptance can be practiced in all areas of your life: You can exercise it toward your current experience or reality, others' beliefs or ideas, your appearance, your emotions, your health, your past, your thoughts, or other individuals.

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