May I Help You?

May I Help You?


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Each and every choices we've made, made us who we are today. Do you agree?

Each small choices we make everyday decides our future. We may have made a lot of choices in life, some we regret, some we are proud of, some will haunt us forever. But we can choose to be overwhelmed by our past bad decisions or choose to letgo and move  ahead with better descision.

It doesn't matter who you were yesterday. It doesn't matter what bad descision you made in the past. It's ok to make bad choices, we get to learn  from it. What you choose now, good or bad will be your path, will create your reality. What ever decision you make, make it big, make it for the greater good of everyone.

Let say you sat all day at home watching movie, bussy on phone, scrolling up and down. Doesn't have time to take care of yourself. Then you found yourself  feeling drowsy, irritated with every little things, your eyes getting darken. You ignored and cotinued with your pleasure. This cycle goes on.. and in turn you become more and more irritated and sick. Overwhelmed with anger and sadness, One day you decided to take care of yourself, you minimised your pleasure, slowly you started being less irritated. You continued with your choices and this in turn became your habit. Now you're healthy and happy. See, one small decision changed your life.

In every walk of life we have to make decision, we have to choose. No matter what you do, someone won’t be pleased. Someone will think your choices are wrong. And someone will tell you what should you do instead. No matter which path you take, someone will seem to be doing better. Someone will have more than you. If you’re being true to yourself, none of that will matter because you’ll have something more satisfying than approval and the illusion of “success”: a life that feels right for you, based on your own wants, needs, values, and priorities. 

What happens doesnot control your life. What You decide to do with what happens controls your life. Your choices contrl Your life. Your decision! Your actons!  

Decide! good or bad.. take control of  your life. Decide Big!  Make it for the greater good for everyone.

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